#BigHeartsAndBackpacks 2: Huge Success!


We’re sure the English language has a better, more appropriate word to describe how overwhelmed we collectively feel right now, but we’re not smart enough to find it in a thesaurus.So many thank you’s are in order from our event Tuesday at The Beer Authority to Wednesday at Chuck’s Hop Shop that we don’t know where to begin, so we’ll just keep it simple.

From the bottom of our animal-helmet-wearing hearts: THANK YOU. 

Sleeveless In Seattle Soldiers of Destiny
A Lucky Raffle Prize Winner

Specifically to those who participated, donated, attended, or even told a friend about #BigHeartsAndBackpacks – you made a difference. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again. Together we were able to raise thousands of dollars between donations & beer sales, and we collected in excess of 100 new children’s backpacks for the kids of Safe Place. To Burc from The Beer Authority and Chuck from Chuck’s Hop Shop: you’re both extraordinary gentlemen and deserve an award for putting up with us. Thank you. Beers are on us next time. Speaking of beer…

Thank you to the incredible breweries who donated their delicious suds for all to enjoy! Without them we would have been left penniless and very, very thirsty.

Thank you to the local business who donated prizes for our raffle! Please support them when you can.

Most importantly: YOU. Whether or not you were able to participate at all, thank you. Just by reading this you have now been made aware of Safe Place and that in itself is enough for us.

Last but certainly not least — Alice, Tom, and Ellie from Safe Place. Without these folks, there is no Safe Place. The difference they make in children’s lives is immeasurable. Thank you for your generosity, time, and effort in everything that you do everyday. You are truly Saints and we appreciate you joining us.

With that said — it’s time to ride!

Join us this Sunday morning at The Boardroom Cafe on 83rd & Aurora for the #BigHeartsAndBackpacks RIDE to Safe Place!

After getting properly caffeinated, we’ll depart for Everett at 9am and plan to return in time for the Seahawks vs. Chargers game at 1pm (go Hawks!).

Until next time,
—Soldiers of Destiny S.C.

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