#BigHeartsAndBackpacks3 RECAP + Thank You’s.

#BigHeartsAndBackpacks3 RECAP + Thank You’s.

Just as fast as it arrived… #BH&BP3 is over. (almost, more on that below)

On behalf of each & every one of our animal-helmet-wearing members: THANK YOU. Expressing our gratitude to each and every person who supported this very worthy cause deserves a medal for their efforts (or at least another beer), and we are confident that the positive cosmic karma you’ve collected by helping the children of Safe Place will be swift. We’re still awaiting the final tally of money, supplies, and backpacks – but there is no doubt that we surpassed our goal of 200 backpacks; a number we kept secret until now.

We’re still getting phone calls, text messages & emails about how wonderful the Pono Ranch party was thanks to The Magician on a Motorcycle, The Little Donuts, & Halycon Daze, and now that the photos have been posted to facebook — you can show your friends and/or piece together some fuzzy memories!


What’s next? 

Glad you asked. The Big Hearts Ride is still happening on Sept. 13 – rain or shine! Read on for more.

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